Very hot drinks may cause cancer – UN

Very hot drinks may cause cancer – UN

This is quite interesting, let us now reduce the temperature.


Will I Die Without My prostrate?

The prostrate

We Real Men actually needs to look more into our health.
A Real Man is a family man who cares so much about his family wellbeing that he some times forget or sacrifice himself.
But our loved ones will like us to live more longer so they can show us How grateful they are
And we should also try to live healthy lives so as to see our investment produce
In my next series i will look at the prostrate and see all ways possible to make us live in peace with it, without it causing us harm and if we are already down due to a particular cause from the prostrate, How we should manage it, get the Best treatment and also live a better life in presence of our sick prostrate.
Are you ready?
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NO, I Hate Sex


In my native Africa, the issue of sex is not too popular and lot of people will not really want to talk about it in the open. It is not because Africans are less sexually active than people from other continents, for me Africans are the most sexually active both male and female. We however prefer to talk about it within very closed group of friends and partners.
Now I believe you will ask me what does a Real Man has to do with so much sex,  shouldn’t a Real Man be more concerned with providing for his partner and his family and he is suppose to be in much holy state planning and dreaming.  All The point on Real Men are correct but when you remove sex from the life of a Real Man then What you have left will be just a boy who is already a man by age but Without a single self esteem or regard for himself, he is a total failure .
Sex is What actually makes a man, A Real man goes to the field daily to Bring food to the people he love most and to his sex partner.
Let us look at sex and a Real Man.
A Real Man is a DISCIPLINED MAN,  sex is the strongest force after love that can inspire a man
A Real Man must learn to take control of his body feelings completely, he must get to a stage where he can speak to himself to tell himself not to do things that might look and feel sweet now but at the long run will destroy him. Men are by nature like honey bees, We are easily attracted by beautiful flowers, We run to words them not knowing that unlike bees we are not made for pollination. A Real Man must overcome such temptations and by so doing he will know that to be with only his partner does not make him weak but is a character of strength, responsibility and discipline.
Now a Real Man might find it difficult to stay FAITHFUL to his partner if he is not truly and continuously attracted to her. By Being true is the Real love foundation that will make him over look the negatives but stay on the positives, by Being continuously attracted is a part function of the man but more from the woman who must always present herself as that beautiful flower that got the man attraction.
A Real Man should maintain his wife,

he should trim his flower regularly, he should feed the flower with the Best manure and fertilizer, he should assist her in all ways possible so that she will not become so over worked that will make her petals fall off faster than they should, A Real man should be there for his flower

But the responsibility of the partner is also great, she must keep herself in a condition where she continuously seduces him, A woman must not make herself unattractive due to the regular busy schedule of a wife.
My greatest advise to a man who want to be a Real Man is

Know how much you want sex
Know how pretty or know the kind of face that does not attract you at all
Know the kind of female structure that you greatly admire, because everybody has is
Don’t ever compromise in choosing a partner who you know is not in your path concerning sex

Life is too short and all that we do hear, the sex, romance and love will only be done hear, if You die and leave earth, their is NO assurance of having earth kind of pleasure again.
Real Men should like sex,  Real Men should enjoy sex Real Men should be with the Best partners.
Is sexual unfaithfulness helpful or does it profit the Real Men?
Am researching into it from all sides and will be the second part of this topic,
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I believe lots of us have heard about How relationship between male and female partner have become hard. I think that God our creator really wanted us to enjoy on earth as it is in heaven,  marriage is supposed to be enjoyed it should be like a mini heaven here on earth. Marriages should Teach us beautiful things like trust, patience and understanding,  Marriages should be What a Real Man should want to do but unfortunately marriage is now becoming an issue that Men want to run from.
But a Real Man does not need to run away from marriage but Instead run towards it because that is where the Real happiness is IF only we do the righ

t things.

Marry only the woman who you are truly in love with, a woman who has great qualities that you want in a woman, and the woman whose negative xters are What you can bear and understand.
Real Men should marry only a woman who will be FAITHFUL partner, 
You might say How do you know who a FAITHFUL partner is,  A FAITHFUL partner is someone who is not hiding himself from you. Someone who will pick calls in your presence and who will not be overprotective of their phones.
A Real Man should look for a woman who has a big dream beyond Shopping who is a hard worker and who is tidy.
A Real Man should not be with a woman who loves her family more than How she loves you and is always trying to Please her family members this kind of woman will make life SURELY miserable for you at the long run.
A Real Man must also understand that their is NO perfect woman out there but you must find someone with enough positives that you love and a few negative that you can tolerate understand and believe can be managed to become a positive as you progress in your relationship.
My Real Men should know that marriage is much more than love

and relationship but a union that needs shock absorbers which are love, trust, tolerance and plenteous of understanding

Don’t ever get married to someone you are bearing because she will be unbearable after marriage. Real Men should always remain Real and you must take time to critically think of What you want and What you can not tolerate and check what your partner has now before you make that decision
Once the foundation is good then you can sure that you will never say I WANT A DIVORCE

Only in Africa



in Africa,  where a major producer of crude oil, yet its citizen queue for gasoline
This is Nigeria
We are queuing to buy at higher than recommend price.
There is a refinery very close to this gas station.. Yet
Only Africa,  Only in Nigeria
But we still believe
We will get it right someday

Dorchester cares


In my previous post I have looked at the quality of Real Men and although I believe this applies to all men irrespective of nationality, I think their is some peculiarity and difference between Real Men from different continent and tribes…

AFRICAN Men grow up with a mindset that tells them that they must provide all for their spouse and children,  it is a disgrace for an AFRICAN REAL MEN for his wife to take care of the Financial task at home. AFRICAN REAL MEN will never be proud that his wife will take care of bills when they go out on a dinner date.
A Real AFRICAN man does not really consider the view of his partner in matters relating to relationship and finances,  I however think this is the characteristic of an outdated Real AFRICAN man,  an AFRICAN REAL MEN of these age should take advantage of the high intelligence of our modern AFRICAN woman in making better decisions.
A Real AFRICAN man of ages past does not openly show love to his spouse, neither will he try to assist her in duties at home which has been culturally designated for a woman but a truly modern Real Men will always show love to his partner anywhere and AT all times and his love for his partner will make him to carry out house chores as he knows he is truly helping himself.
An AFRICAN REAL MEN of centuries ago is A polygamist who greatest treasure is the number of childre

n he can produce from as much wife’s as possible as the more  children he has more produce will he get from it  ……
AFRICAN Men most however be Real Men of now, 
Honest, trustworthy ,  and the Best
Check out my other post on quality of Real Men

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You know there is an ongoing case here in Nigeria about a woman who killed her husband during a period of marital disagreements. You know it is really very interesting to see a couple quarrel over issues that looks very trivial , this however can become frightening when dangerous weapons are used by both partners.
A pastor in church talked about a marriage Being a contract signed between two people in the presence of God and such contract should not be broken for Any reason but that the two must ensure to work as one. He said that is What for BETTER or for Worst means.
As a man and as a Real Man, I totally agree that marriages are contract agreement between two people who has agreed to stay TOGETHER, to love each other and to grow and become great TOGETHER.
For BETTER is at times when your wife provides you with a good meal and after which she willingly gives her body to you for love making. Sex is for BETTER for a Real Man, sex cements and gives the Real Man something that is priceless, that thing that makes him forget
about the dream that is taking time to birth and other life issues.
For BETTER is when his partner is pregnant with his child and ultimately gives birth to a child that will bear his name.
For BETTER for a Real Man is when his dream births and he can do much more for his family than he even promised
For BETTER is when a man see his children growing to become good adult after receiving good Training and up bringing from their mother
For BETTER is when a partner clicks into her man dreams and TOGETHER they build a great future for all his family.
Now let us look at for Worst marriages
For a Real Man for Worst marriages is when a

wife will not care to take care of the home and the children and especially if she is A house wife.
A Worst marriages is A nagging, A complaining and an ever in satisfy able woman.

A woman who can not click into his dreams but Instead tries to discourage him from pursuing his dreams.
NO Real Man want a dirty lazy woman who is unambitious
💟💟 luv and trust keeps marriages, every partner must trust complete the other partner and must always keep their initial luv burning because at the end that is What will be remaining.
Some things are Worst than Worst and when such situation arises contract of marriages must be broken otherwise the couple will live a frustrating and useless life that will SURELY affect the quality of child Training and other areas of their life. Life is too short for one to live in perpetual pain and agony.
A wife who cares less about her husband but more for herself and her brothers, sisters and parents is more than Worst
A wife who is adulterous is A killer and a Real Man must break the contract as soon as possible.
Unfaithfulness is What I call the Worst sin in marriage and if you cannot forget it as a Real Man do not force yourself to continue in the marriage because it will destroy both of you and your family.
I will like to hear your comments on issues that should lead to dissolution of marriages.

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For BETTER or for Worst.

When a Real Man has reached a particular age he feels the need to become joined to his female partner in matrimony to become one married couple. Marriage to a Real Man is part of What makes a Real Man become highly responsible. A married man is A man who is Extra DISCIPLINED because having made his mind up on becoming one with his partner he always now will only do things that will favour First his family before he thinks of himself. A Real Man who is Married will never compromise his children education because of Anything. He will always defend his family against all form of biological and physical aggression. A Real Man man married does not look at his wife as a necessary evil which he uses for sex, procreation and general housekeeping. A Real Man looks as his wife as his friend, not just Any friend but his best friend.
Some women do not sometimes know how to recognise who a true husband is but they generally believe that Any man is A husband not knowing that only Real Men produces Real husband.
At church today the preacher man said marriage is A covenant signed in a for BETTER or worse situation and that such covenant should not be broken. I agree with him but i think we need to look at What is for Worst so that we can decide at What point the above Worst crime has been committed by Any of the partner that will be enough reason for a separation or ultimately a divorce.
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The Best MAN

The Best MAN is very much available. Every Man want to be the Best MAN and Every woman want to be only with the Best MAN in her society. If we say some Men are the Best Men that means that some men are Worst Men. But who do we go to that will give us a near perfect definition of What criteria we can use to distinguish  between a Best MAN and a Worst Man.
From a Man view,  The Best MAN may be the guy who has made most money than most of his equals or the Best MAN may be the guy with the most prettiest and sexiest partner that other guys admire. The Best MAN for guys can also be the guy who he attained great personal success in academics and research but most guys of this age does not really consider academics and research as success except if it translate to liquid money. Worst Men for guys are men who are controlled by their female partners or are guys who The famous Destiny Child music group describe as Scrubs,  guys who sit at the passenger side of their best friend car but who can not afford to buy a tyre for such vehicle. A Worst guy according to most guys is someone who has NO plan to become successfully who lives live as if he will die within some very few years.
But What do Women think about who Best MAN and Worst Men are?
It will intrest you on What they will say
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Do you know that one Billion DOLLARS in Nigeria can sustain about 2 states for a whole year. I was just thinking about the great injustice that occur in the world, A situation where people are made to live on less than a dollar per day while a very minute few live within very very great wealth. How does the imbalance in wealth distrubution affect men,  these issues will be looked at as our next topic on Real Men.
But let us finally look at the quality of a Real Man
A Real Man Is A dreamer and one who will work towards achieving his goals and who will not just dream as others do but his dream is the kind of dream that others will   laugh at because they think it is unachievable.
A Real Man does not change his Goals because of What people think neither does a Real Man join the majority in doing What they think is right.

A Real Man is A Family Man who knows that spending quality time with his family and providing the best life for them and also ensuring that their tomorrow is secured by his actions today is What makes a Real Man.
A Real Man does not easily get angry and Instead he listens and analyses all he hears before giving a feedback so that at all times he makes positive contributions..
A Real Man is A Godly Man who believes that a Supreme Being exist that created the earth and everything in it,  this point may not be accepted by all but as a Real Man I think God do exist

A Real Man is A happy man at the end of his lifetime because he must have achieved all and much more than he dreamt of.

Dorchester will like to hear your opinion on these points I raised
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