Maybe i don’t have the right to write about women
Will i not be doing something unfair if as a man i write on women. But i think as a man with some decades of experience with the most wonderful creatures of God, i think i should be able to write some very few lines on women.
Every Real Man wants a Real woman, but the problem is that Real Women are not born but made. This is where the problem lies, since Real Women are made, We need to know how they are made and who is responsible for making them, those wonderful creatures to become Real Women.
What are even the characters of Real Women?,is it possible for all women to be Real Women?
Although, i believe it is possible for all women to be Real Women, sadly it is not so and these days we are seem to be having less of Real Women amongst us.
A Real woman is a DISCIPLINED woman who values her body more than Anything else in this world.
A Real woman is a hard worker, One who will make sure that all necessary jobs in her family home is done at the time it is suppose to, and with this attitude she and her children and her home will always be neat and tidy
A Real woman believes in her Husband dreams, supports him and sacrifice so that his dreams come true, this however does not mean that she does not also pursue her own dreams, she also pursue hers and with her Real Man husband they both at the end achieve all their dreams.
A Real woman is loving, unselfish, feeds the hungry, care for everyone around her.
A Real woman does not easily get angry and is quick to forgive, she has the largest heart
Back to my question i asked initially,
Who actually makes a Real woman and What factors makes a woman unreal. I believe every woman born is suppose to become a Real woman but some factors will have made such most wonderful creature to become unreal.
I was all women to

become the most wonderful creature because every Real Man actually wants and desires the most wonderful creature.

My next writing will look at How Real Women and unreal women are created by us.
I will appreciate your comments.


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