NO, I Hate Sex


In my native Africa, the issue of sex is not too popular and lot of people will not really want to talk about it in the open. It is not because Africans are less sexually active than people from other continents, for me Africans are the most sexually active both male and female. We however prefer to talk about it within very closed group of friends and partners.
Now I believe you will ask me what does a Real Man has to do with so much sex,  shouldn’t a Real Man be more concerned with providing for his partner and his family and he is suppose to be in much holy state planning and dreaming.  All The point on Real Men are correct but when you remove sex from the life of a Real Man then What you have left will be just a boy who is already a man by age but Without a single self esteem or regard for himself, he is a total failure .
Sex is What actually makes a man, A Real man goes to the field daily to Bring food to the people he love most and to his sex partner.
Let us look at sex and a Real Man.
A Real Man is a DISCIPLINED MAN,  sex is the strongest force after love that can inspire a man
A Real Man must learn to take control of his body feelings completely, he must get to a stage where he can speak to himself to tell himself not to do things that might look and feel sweet now but at the long run will destroy him. Men are by nature like honey bees, We are easily attracted by beautiful flowers, We run to words them not knowing that unlike bees we are not made for pollination. A Real Man must overcome such temptations and by so doing he will know that to be with only his partner does not make him weak but is a character of strength, responsibility and discipline.
Now a Real Man might find it difficult to stay FAITHFUL to his partner if he is not truly and continuously attracted to her. By Being true is the Real love foundation that will make him over look the negatives but stay on the positives, by Being continuously attracted is a part function of the man but more from the woman who must always present herself as that beautiful flower that got the man attraction.
A Real Man should maintain his wife,

he should trim his flower regularly, he should feed the flower with the Best manure and fertilizer, he should assist her in all ways possible so that she will not become so over worked that will make her petals fall off faster than they should, A Real man should be there for his flower

But the responsibility of the partner is also great, she must keep herself in a condition where she continuously seduces him, A woman must not make herself unattractive due to the regular busy schedule of a wife.
My greatest advise to a man who want to be a Real Man is

Know how much you want sex
Know how pretty or know the kind of face that does not attract you at all
Know the kind of female structure that you greatly admire, because everybody has is
Don’t ever compromise in choosing a partner who you know is not in your path concerning sex

Life is too short and all that we do hear, the sex, romance and love will only be done hear, if You die and leave earth, their is NO assurance of having earth kind of pleasure again.
Real Men should like sex,  Real Men should enjoy sex Real Men should be with the Best partners.
Is sexual unfaithfulness helpful or does it profit the Real Men?
Am researching into it from all sides and will be the second part of this topic,
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Thanks to for the pictures, I appreciate.


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