I believe lots of us have heard about How relationship between male and female partner have become hard. I think that God our creator really wanted us to enjoy on earth as it is in heaven,  marriage is supposed to be enjoyed it should be like a mini heaven here on earth. Marriages should Teach us beautiful things like trust, patience and understanding,  Marriages should be What a Real Man should want to do but unfortunately marriage is now becoming an issue that Men want to run from.
But a Real Man does not need to run away from marriage but Instead run towards it because that is where the Real happiness is IF only we do the righ

t things.

Marry only the woman who you are truly in love with, a woman who has great qualities that you want in a woman, and the woman whose negative xters are What you can bear and understand.
Real Men should marry only a woman who will be FAITHFUL partner, 
You might say How do you know who a FAITHFUL partner is,  A FAITHFUL partner is someone who is not hiding himself from you. Someone who will pick calls in your presence and who will not be overprotective of their phones.
A Real Man should look for a woman who has a big dream beyond Shopping who is a hard worker and who is tidy.
A Real Man should not be with a woman who loves her family more than How she loves you and is always trying to Please her family members this kind of woman will make life SURELY miserable for you at the long run.
A Real Man must also understand that their is NO perfect woman out there but you must find someone with enough positives that you love and a few negative that you can tolerate understand and believe can be managed to become a positive as you progress in your relationship.
My Real Men should know that marriage is much more than love

and relationship but a union that needs shock absorbers which are love, trust, tolerance and plenteous of understanding

Don’t ever get married to someone you are bearing because she will be unbearable after marriage. Real Men should always remain Real and you must take time to critically think of What you want and What you can not tolerate and check what your partner has now before you make that decision
Once the foundation is good then you can sure that you will never say I WANT A DIVORCE


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