In my previous post I have looked at the quality of Real Men and although I believe this applies to all men irrespective of nationality, I think their is some peculiarity and difference between Real Men from different continent and tribes…

AFRICAN Men grow up with a mindset that tells them that they must provide all for their spouse and children,  it is a disgrace for an AFRICAN REAL MEN for his wife to take care of the Financial task at home. AFRICAN REAL MEN will never be proud that his wife will take care of bills when they go out on a dinner date.
A Real AFRICAN man does not really consider the view of his partner in matters relating to relationship and finances,  I however think this is the characteristic of an outdated Real AFRICAN man,  an AFRICAN REAL MEN of these age should take advantage of the high intelligence of our modern AFRICAN woman in making better decisions.
A Real AFRICAN man of ages past does not openly show love to his spouse, neither will he try to assist her in duties at home which has been culturally designated for a woman but a truly modern Real Men will always show love to his partner anywhere and AT all times and his love for his partner will make him to carry out house chores as he knows he is truly helping himself.
An AFRICAN REAL MEN of centuries ago is A polygamist who greatest treasure is the number of childre

n he can produce from as much wife’s as possible as the more  children he has more produce will he get from it  ……
AFRICAN Men most however be Real Men of now, 
Honest, trustworthy ,  and the Best
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Dorchester cares


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