You know there is an ongoing case here in Nigeria about a woman who killed her husband during a period of marital disagreements. You know it is really very interesting to see a couple quarrel over issues that looks very trivial , this however can become frightening when dangerous weapons are used by both partners.
A pastor in church talked about a marriage Being a contract signed between two people in the presence of God and such contract should not be broken for Any reason but that the two must ensure to work as one. He said that is What for BETTER or for Worst means.
As a man and as a Real Man, I totally agree that marriages are contract agreement between two people who has agreed to stay TOGETHER, to love each other and to grow and become great TOGETHER.
For BETTER is at times when your wife provides you with a good meal and after which she willingly gives her body to you for love making. Sex is for BETTER for a Real Man, sex cements and gives the Real Man something that is priceless, that thing that makes him forget
about the dream that is taking time to birth and other life issues.
For BETTER is when his partner is pregnant with his child and ultimately gives birth to a child that will bear his name.
For BETTER for a Real Man is when his dream births and he can do much more for his family than he even promised
For BETTER is when a man see his children growing to become good adult after receiving good Training and up bringing from their mother
For BETTER is when a partner clicks into her man dreams and TOGETHER they build a great future for all his family.
Now let us look at for Worst marriages
For a Real Man for Worst marriages is when a

wife will not care to take care of the home and the children and especially if she is A house wife.
A Worst marriages is A nagging, A complaining and an ever in satisfy able woman.

A woman who can not click into his dreams but Instead tries to discourage him from pursuing his dreams.
NO Real Man want a dirty lazy woman who is unambitious
💟💟 luv and trust keeps marriages, every partner must trust complete the other partner and must always keep their initial luv burning because at the end that is What will be remaining.
Some things are Worst than Worst and when such situation arises contract of marriages must be broken otherwise the couple will live a frustrating and useless life that will SURELY affect the quality of child Training and other areas of their life. Life is too short for one to live in perpetual pain and agony.
A wife who cares less about her husband but more for herself and her brothers, sisters and parents is more than Worst
A wife who is adulterous is A killer and a Real Man must break the contract as soon as possible.
Unfaithfulness is What I call the Worst sin in marriage and if you cannot forget it as a Real Man do not force yourself to continue in the marriage because it will destroy both of you and your family.
I will like to hear your comments on issues that should lead to dissolution of marriages.

Dorchester cares


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