For BETTER or for Worst.

When a Real Man has reached a particular age he feels the need to become joined to his female partner in matrimony to become one married couple. Marriage to a Real Man is part of What makes a Real Man become highly responsible. A married man is A man who is Extra DISCIPLINED because having made his mind up on becoming one with his partner he always now will only do things that will favour First his family before he thinks of himself. A Real Man who is Married will never compromise his children education because of Anything. He will always defend his family against all form of biological and physical aggression. A Real Man man married does not look at his wife as a necessary evil which he uses for sex, procreation and general housekeeping. A Real Man looks as his wife as his friend, not just Any friend but his best friend.
Some women do not sometimes know how to recognise who a true husband is but they generally believe that Any man is A husband not knowing that only Real Men produces Real husband.
At church today the preacher man said marriage is A covenant signed in a for BETTER or worse situation and that such covenant should not be broken. I agree with him but i think we need to look at What is for Worst so that we can decide at What point the above Worst crime has been committed by Any of the partner that will be enough reason for a separation or ultimately a divorce.
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