The Best MAN

The Best MAN is very much available. Every Man want to be the Best MAN and Every woman want to be only with the Best MAN in her society. If we say some Men are the Best Men that means that some men are Worst Men. But who do we go to that will give us a near perfect definition of What criteria we can use to distinguish  between a Best MAN and a Worst Man.
From a Man view,  The Best MAN may be the guy who has made most money than most of his equals or the Best MAN may be the guy with the most prettiest and sexiest partner that other guys admire. The Best MAN for guys can also be the guy who he attained great personal success in academics and research but most guys of this age does not really consider academics and research as success except if it translate to liquid money. Worst Men for guys are men who are controlled by their female partners or are guys who The famous Destiny Child music group describe as Scrubs,  guys who sit at the passenger side of their best friend car but who can not afford to buy a tyre for such vehicle. A Worst guy according to most guys is someone who has NO plan to become successfully who lives live as if he will die within some very few years.
But What do Women think about who Best MAN and Worst Men are?
It will intrest you on What they will say
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