Do you know that one Billion DOLLARS in Nigeria can sustain about 2 states for a whole year. I was just thinking about the great injustice that occur in the world, A situation where people are made to live on less than a dollar per day while a very minute few live within very very great wealth. How does the imbalance in wealth distrubution affect men,  these issues will be looked at as our next topic on Real Men.
But let us finally look at the quality of a Real Man
A Real Man Is A dreamer and one who will work towards achieving his goals and who will not just dream as others do but his dream is the kind of dream that others will   laugh at because they think it is unachievable.
A Real Man does not change his Goals because of What people think neither does a Real Man join the majority in doing What they think is right.

A Real Man is A Family Man who knows that spending quality time with his family and providing the best life for them and also ensuring that their tomorrow is secured by his actions today is What makes a Real Man.
A Real Man does not easily get angry and Instead he listens and analyses all he hears before giving a feedback so that at all times he makes positive contributions..
A Real Man is A Godly Man who believes that a Supreme Being exist that created the earth and everything in it,  this point may not be accepted by all but as a Real Man I think God do exist

A Real Man is A happy man at the end of his lifetime because he must have achieved all and much more than he dreamt of.

Dorchester will like to hear your opinion on these points I raised
Your comments will be appreciated
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