Back on it

It has been a long time since i posted, so many things have so much crowded my life. But I am here today not because those issues have all gone but because I have made up my mind that I must express my self. I am back to say the things that are in my soul , I am back to say things about men, things that bother we men , things that make us happy and those issues that makes us sad.

Today I am back, more more back. 

I cannot start anything without first mentioning the sad , very sad events happening in United States of America. White Supremacy, Pro Nazis and others kkk like people telling us to leave , am back to remind them that the very land they are in belongs to the colored Indian, but they seem to have forgotten. They act as if the world belongs to them, but I don’t blame them.

I am back to remind the colored world especially my Africans to wake up , wake up , wake up Africans and let us develop our God given land.

As a man I am back to help us see how we men can take back our Africa and take it to a better place 
Let us start because I am back.


A Holy word for Real Men 

Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church—a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness. And that is how husbands ought to love their wives. They’re really doing themselves a favor—since they’re already “one” in marriage.
Ephesians 5:25‭-‬28 MSG


Hello word 

My last post was trying to show the importance of the small gland to us Men. I also showed that this small gland is the prostrate gland which is only present in Men but is of great health and reproductive important to all. 

In this post I will start Looking at the things we can do as Real Men to prevent sicknessness associated with the small gland. These illnesses as i mentioned before are, Prostatitis, BPH and prostrate cancer… 

The First thing to take note of if you want to care for your small gland, the prostrate is changing your lifestyle. Adopting a healthier lifestyle both in terms of diet and Exercise is good. Studies have shown that overweight and obese Men are more prone to coming down with prostrate cancer As a Real Man advances in age he should take in less saturated fat which are found in fatty meats and diary Products. Real Men should eat more fish and chicken(not the skin) and less red meat. 

A Real Man should also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegatables and also food high with fibres such as wholewheat bread and grains. 

Men should also take less sugar, salt  alcohol, tea and coffe.

Vitamin D is also helpful in preventing prostrate diseases, in Africa we get a lot from the sun but if you are not adequately exposed to sunlight you can take supplement to augment. 

Some researchers have also shown that people who eat a lot of tomatoes and tomatoes product have a lower risk of certain cancers including prostrate cancer, so all my Men , this is the number one reason to pick Raw tomatoes as your favourite snacks, simply ask your pretty Lady to but some extra when preparing that stew from you. 

But if INCASE you miss eating the Raw tomatoes, dont worry because when tomatoes is heated with a little oil, it helps to release the lycopene from the tomatoes skin and this is easily absorbed by the body. 

The small gland also benefit from regular exercise, regular exercise of at least 3 hours per week can cause a 70% reduction in the likelihood of Men developing issues with the prostrate gland. 

Vigorous exercise of at least 30 minutes per day helps to maintain a healthy body weight paticularly when combined with a healthy diet. 

Some other issues that are known to reduce prostrate gland diseases are regular sexual intercourse. Real Men who stay married for long and are sexual active have a lower chance of having issues with their small gland. So our pretty ladies should help their Men. 

Lastly, A Real man should reduce his intake of alcohol and cigarrette once he Is above 45 years of age. These items are associated with a lot of cancers including prostrate  cancer. 

We Hope this inform has helped. Remember dont wait till it breaks before you fix it. 

The next post will look at old and new method of diagnosing prostrate diseases and the ways it can be managed and cured.

Your comments will be appreciated, say a word about this post. THANKS 


Real Men at most times dont really take care of their own health as they do about their loved ones, but things need to change. It Is good for a Real Man to provide for people who are his direct responsibility, his wife and children and also his parents and inlaws. A Real Man should also provide to his community as much as he has been blessed. Providing for these set of people makes a Real Man complete and those are the things that people will remember him of, not How many houses or cars he has, these belong to the Earth. For a Real Man to do all this and still enjoy his life to an old age he must not wait till it is broken before he fixes it. 

Prostrate diseases are a group of diseases that apart from heart related diseases make a man not to enjoy his old age. This word for today is to look at How possible we can prevent this small gland or organ from frustrating the years we are  suppose to rest or even from taking us out completely at our prime. 

The prostrate is part of the male reproductive organs, it is a walnut sized gland that Is located between the bladder and the penis and in front of the recommend. 

The main function of the prostrate is secretion of fluid that nourishes and protect sperms.

The prostrate is part of the male reproductive organs, it is a walnut sized gland that Is located between the bladder and the penis and in front of the recommend. 

The main function of the prostrate is secretion of fluid that nourishes and protect sperms.

So we need the small gland to procreate and in Africa that Is a big big deal. Part of the semen released during ejaculation consist of fluid from the prostrate. 

I believe most Men have seen Men who are unable to urinate freely, these Men are usually above 45 years old. In Nigeria at this age is when most Real Men have arrived and starting to relax and enjoy after years of hustling. 

There are three main prostrate conditions that affect males, these are

1, Prostatits 

2, Enlarged prostrate or benign prostatic hypertrophy(BPH) 

3,Prostrate cancer. 

Our subsequent post will look at How to prevent these illness from affecting us. Please follow me on http//:www.dochesterdotcom.wordpress.

Your comments will also be appreciated 

Buried Alive

Hello word 

When we were created and as we grow up, I noticed that each child is unique even those from the same parent. But as we all reach adult age after acquiring some basic education or skills set, something happens that changes us. 

We all start travelling on the same Road, A very wide and busy Road that has been travelled by most of our parent and ancestors. After struggling on this wide path trying to be faster and better than our co travellers, We end up in a place after 30 or more years of frustration and a place where our mind talks to us about all the ideas we left undone and realizing that the wide Road might give us some comfort  but we are not really fulfilled. That Is the status quo life. 

I believe in the narrow less travelled path, on this narrow path you will feel lonely because you will see very few or NO one on it. 

On the narrow path, it most times look dark and it seems light may never come. 

On the narrow path, you will be laughed at by those travelling on the wide path, they will believe they are moving faster than you and they will even pity your supposed lack of movement. 

The narrow path is the path taken by Great dreamers like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs

The narrow path is the one children take and that make each child unique. 

The narrow path makes us at the end live a fulfilled live that at the end we end up at a place far than the people that took the wide path. 

At the end the people on the wide path take us on the narrow path as role models or are envious. 



Let us choose today How do you want to be buried…. 


Hello word, 

It has been a while since I last spoke. This morning I only want to say a few word. …. 

A Man or Woman who does not have a dream is not living but above all, ,, YOUR DREAM MOST BE CRAZY ENOUGH TO SCARE YOU. 

Be bold

Go for it



Maybe i don’t have the right to write about women
Will i not be doing something unfair if as a man i write on women. But i think as a man with some decades of experience with the most wonderful creatures of God, i think i should be able to write some very few lines on women.
Every Real Man wants a Real woman, but the problem is that Real Women are not born but made. This is where the problem lies, since Real Women are made, We need to know how they are made and who is responsible for making them, those wonderful creatures to become Real Women.
What are even the characters of Real Women?,is it possible for all women to be Real Women?
Although, i believe it is possible for all women to be Real Women, sadly it is not so and these days we are seem to be having less of Real Women amongst us.
A Real woman is a DISCIPLINED woman who values her body more than Anything else in this world.
A Real woman is a hard worker, One who will make sure that all necessary jobs in her family home is done at the time it is suppose to, and with this attitude she and her children and her home will always be neat and tidy
A Real woman believes in her Husband dreams, supports him and sacrifice so that his dreams come true, this however does not mean that she does not also pursue her own dreams, she also pursue hers and with her Real Man husband they both at the end achieve all their dreams.
A Real woman is loving, unselfish, feeds the hungry, care for everyone around her.
A Real woman does not easily get angry and is quick to forgive, she has the largest heart
Back to my question i asked initially,
Who actually makes a Real woman and What factors makes a woman unreal. I believe every woman born is suppose to become a Real woman but some factors will have made such most wonderful creature to become unreal.
I was all women to

become the most wonderful creature because every Real Man actually wants and desires the most wonderful creature.

My next writing will look at How Real Women and unreal women are created by us.
I will appreciate your comments.